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BRUNSWICK (WGME) — Right now, the clock is ticking on a mission to find homes in America for rescue dogs and cats in Afghanistan.

Four-hundred of the rescue dogs and cats are now being cared for in Kabul, Afghanistan. An organization, founded by an American, is planning to fly more than 300 rescue dogs and cats to the U.S. for adoption.

“The goal is 200 dogs and 100 cats. And we are still desperately looking for homes for about 35 more dogs,” Kabul Small Animal Rescue Founder Charlotte Maxwell-Jones said.

She hopes to transport the animals to the states on June 2, but they have less than two weeks to raise the $775,000 needed to pay for the transport.

“It’s really picked up the past week. But we still have about $250,000 to raise in about a week,” Maxwell-Jones said.

Some of the rescue dogs will be coming to Maine. Passion for Pets in Brunswick will provide vet care for the dogs, then put them up for adoption.

“We told them that we would help with 10. We ended up taking 11. You know, we’d love to find these dogs homes right away,” Leann Ryan with Passion for Pets said.

Former MEA President Lois Kilby-Chesley plans to foster some of the dogs. She says some dogs worked for the U.S. Armed Forces but never made it back home.

“Many of the dogs that are now being brought over in this transport in June were dogs that worked for the U.S. Dogs that were left back on the tarmac, ready to go, but weren’t taken,” Kilby-Chesley said.

“There are also five puppies that were the offspring of one of the working dogs that she, sadly, died. But we have her puppies,” Maxwell-Jones said.

Maxwell-Jones says with new and more restrictive laws for allowing dogs into the U.S. taking effect in August, it is imperative to get these Kabul rescue pets on the June 2 flight.

If you’d like to help bring these dogs to Maine, or even adopt one, here are the links to where you can donate and how you can adopt one of these dogs.

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