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Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and the whole of Baghlan province is experiencing flash floods. While 50 people have reportedly died in the natural disaster, several others are reported missing. Rescue teams have been dispatched with aid materials like, food, tents and blankets and they are searching for missing people under the rubble of houses and the mud.

Parts of Afghanistan flooded after heavy rains (Photo credit: AFP)

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Baghlan province was hit by deadly flash floods which killed at least 50 people and have left several others displaced. Homes and properties of numerous people were destroyed by the floods, said reports. The death toll may rise.

Seasonal rains triggered flash floods

The seasonal rains that Afghanistan is currently receiving is said to have triggered the floods in the country. Taliban officials have confirmed 50 deaths due to the natural disaster.

According to Hedayatullah Hamdard, the provincial director of Natural Disaster Management in Baghlan, the current death toll figure is just preliminary and it may rise in the future and several people are still missing. He put the figure of those dead at 62 in an interview to AFP.

Kabul, the country’s capital, was one of the most badly affected due to the flash floods. Rescue teams have been dispatched to the areas affected by floods, said Abdullah Janan Saiq, the Taliban’s spokesman for the State Ministry for Natural Disaster Management. These rescue teams are carrying food, tents, blankets and other
aid material for the affected population.

A search operation is also on to place those missing, those buried under rubble of houses and mud. The national army and the country’s police force have been deployed to extend all possible help to the rescue personnel. The Taliban have assured full support to the people affected by the calamity.

In a statement, they said, “The government expresses its deep sympathy with the families of dead and wounded, and instructs the ministry of natural disaster management, ministries of defence and interior, and provincial authorities to spare no resource in rescue efforts.”

Flooding has killed at least 100 people in the country since mid-April. Floods have been reported from different regions. In fact those affected by the last flood still require humanitarian assistance.

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