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The Uzbekistan-Afghanistan Business Forum, held on July 3, brought together high-level officials, industry leaders, and over 1000 representatives from both countries’ business sectors. Uzbekistan’s exports to Afghanistan rank fifth, with bilateral trade volumes steadily rising over the past five years and reach $866mn by 2023.

Expanding Trade and Strengthening Cooperation

Key figures such as Uzbekistan’s Minister of MIIT, Laziz Kudratov, and Afghanistan’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Nuriddin Azizi, spearheaded discussions focused on expanding the range of goods traded between the nations. The forum emphasized the importance of enhancing cooperation among manufacturers and exporters, activating mutual relations between entrepreneurs, and increasing joint events and visits.

Infrastructure and Trade Facilitation Initiatives

To facilitate increased bilateral trade and regional product delivery, strategic measures were highlighted, including the transition of state border points to 24-hour operation, the establishment of trading houses, and the implementation of large-scale transport and infrastructure projects. These initiatives are designed to streamline logistics and enhance connectivity between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Showcasing Afghan Industry

A highlight of the forum was the exhibition “Made in Afghanistan,” which featured products from 75 prominent Afghan companies spanning sectors such as jewelry, textiles, food, electrical engineering, mining, and logistics. The exhibition provided a platform for Afghan businesses to showcase their capabilities and forge new partnerships with Uzbek counterparts.

Business-to-Business and Government-to-Business Negotiations

The event also facilitated crucial B2B and G2B negotiations, where entrepreneurs engaged in discussions on joint projects, trade agreements, and technical collaboration. These sessions resulted in the signing of several trade contracts and agreements aimed at fostering deeper economic cooperation between the two nations.

Currently, Uzbekistan hosts 550 enterprises with Afghan investment, including numerous joint ventures spanning industries such as food production, building materials, agriculture, tourism, and textiles.

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