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TEHRAN – Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special representative to Afghanistan, has conveyed Iran’s openness to partnering with Europe in formulating a comprehensive plan of action that aligns with the aspirations of the Afghan people.

In a social media post on Friday, Kazemi Qomi highlighted the significance of basing the agenda of the forthcoming Doha III summit on the unique circumstances of both Afghanistan and its wider region.

“During a meeting with the Italian Special Representative for Afghanistan, I emphasized that the topics and themes of the Doha III summit should be based on the realities of the region and Afghanistan,” the envoy wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Expressing concern over the impact that the conduct of external powers outside the immediate region has had on Afghanistan’s ongoing crisis, Kazemi Qomi emphasized the potential consequences for Europe if the situation remains unresolved.

To address these challenges, he stated that Iran is prepared to engage in fresh cooperative efforts with Europe. This collaboration would involve ongoing consultations on a range of Afghanistan-related matters and the development of a comprehensive framework for cooperation that prioritizes the interests of the Afghan nation.

Afghanistan is grappling with various economic, social, and security issues after two decades of U.S. occupation. Since Washington’s military withdrawal from the war-torn country in 2021, the White house has frozen billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s assets under different pretexts, further worsening the plight of Afghan civilians. The Afghan frozen assets are the second-largest amount of financial money from a country that was seized by the U.S. since the Iranian frozen assets from 1980.

Iran, which is home to the largest number of Afghan refugees in the world, has been urging regional and extra-regional countries as well as international bodies to help Tehran soothe the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. It has also repeatedly condemned the U.S. for obscuring the establishment of peace and security in the war-stricken nation. 

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