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As the inflation went up in Pakistan with continuous hikes in power tariff, many people wonder how much per unit electricity costs in other South Asian countries including India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The PML-N led government, which came to power with the slogan of providing free electricity, has slapped a hefty price hike on the masses.

Domestic consumers will now have to pay over Rs 65 per unit, inclusive of various taxes and adjustments, forcing low-income households to bear the brunt of expensive electricity bills.

In comparison to the whopping hike in electricity prices in Pakistan, neighboring countries have significantly lower electricity rates.

In Afghanistan, electricity costs 2.5 Afghanis (approximately Rs 3.92) per unit up to 200 units, while in Bangladesh, the rate is Tk 7.20 (approximately Rs 17.07) per unit for the same consumption level. India has a rate of Rs 6.29 per unit.

However, in Pakistan, the electricity rate for domestic consumers has been increased from Rs 5.72 to Rs 7.12 per unit, with a sales tax of Rs 48.84 per unit. After adjustments and taxes, the rate will exceed Rs 65 per unit, putting a significant burden on the common man.

Yesterday, the federal cabinet approved significant increase in the electricity tariff for residential consumers using 100 to 500 units per month.

Electricity cost in Pakistan

The new basic tariff is fixed at Rs 48.84 per unit, which will increase to Rs 57.63 per unit after sales tax. With adjustments and other taxes, the maximum electricity tariff will exceed Rs 65 per unit.

The monthly tariff for consumers using 1 to 100 units is proposed to Rs 23.59, while those using 101 to 200 units will have to pay Rs 30.07 per unit.

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Similarly, the tariff for those consumers using 201 to 300 units will increase to Rs 34.26, and those using 301 to 400 units will have to pay Rs 39.15 per unit.

The consumers using 401 to 500 units will be charged the most as they will have to pay Rs 41.36 per unit.

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