Inside Afghanistan’s worsening humanitarian disaster as aid funding falls short – PBS NewsHour

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Dayne Curry, Afghanistan Director, Mercy Corps:

Well, certainly the humanitarian challenges in Afghanistan are steep, and the situation is dire, particularly economically for the country, especially when there have been multiple emergencies facing the country both with the earthquake, and with the returning situation.

It is a challenge for these communities to recover. The earthquakes in Herat were incredibly devastating. I visited one community where of the 150 villagers that were living in that community only five survived. The impact of the earthquake was severe. And it’s going to take a long time for the recovery to occur.

When you then add additional regional issues such as the returnees maybe as many as a million people coming back from Pakistan into an already challenging economic situation, it just creates even more challenges for the ordinary Afghans to be able to make ends meet day to day.

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