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(Last Updated On: April 11, 2024)

Officials from private schools say banning education of girls above the sixth grade has resulted in serious financial problems for these schools.

According to them, with the ban on education for girls above the sixth grade, not only schools but also teachers and the transportation cycle have suffered economic problems.

Meanwhile, girls who have been barred from going to school ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen the gates of schools and universities to them by creating a suitable plan.

“I request the authorities to reopen schools and universities for girls so that our country can progress,” said a female student.

“My request to the Islamic Emirate is that it should reopen schools above the sixth grade,” said another student.

Although a few days have passed since the beginning of the 1403 academic year, the IEA has not given the green light to reopen schools for girls.

“Some problems have different causes in the education sector, there are some restrictions in the women’s work sector, which are either based on Sharia rules or based on economic issues. The government is committed to solving these issues,” said IEA’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid.

Earlier, Amnesty International emphasized the need to immediately reopen schools and universities for girls.

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