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KABUL: The World Health Organization on World Health Day revealed that 18 million people in Afghanistan rely on health assistance. 

Highlighting the persistent challenges in Afghanistan, the organization said that access to quality healthcare remains a fundamental challenge in Afghanistan. 

In an effort to promote equitable healthcare access, the World Health Organization today (Sunday) released a video, that commemorates World Health Day with the slogan ‘My Health, My Right.’

On the occasion of World Health Day, the organization emphasizes public awareness of health rights, including the right to safe and quality care, privacy, treatment information, and informed consent.

Given the substantial need for health assistance among millions, ensuring a comprehensive healthcare system for all Afghan citizens is deemed imperative.

Acting head of the World Health Organization, Jamshed Tanoli, urged for collective efforts towards accessible, fair, and quality healthcare services, especially for women and children in Afghanistan.

Following the collapse of Afghanistan’s healthcare system under Taliban control, approximately a thousand health centers were shuttered, exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation in the country.

Over 9 Million Afghans Lack Access to Healthcare Facilities: UNICEF

The Taliban’s restrictive policies, including the ban on women’s employment with international aid organizations, have further worsened the crisis.

In late 2023, UNICEF reported that over 9 million people in Afghanistan lack access to healthcare facilities.

Previously, the World Health Organization estimated that $185 million is required to support Afghanistan’s health sector.

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