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Three Catalan tourists have been killed in a shooting in Afghanistan. A fourth person of Afghan nationality was also killed. 

The Spanish government will repatriate the bodies of the three Catalans killed in the attack “as soon as possible,” as well as the two unharmed citizens and the sixth person injured and in critical condition.

This was confirmed by Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, who added that families have already been contacted.

According to a witness, the group were in a market in the city of Bamyan when a person started shooting from an alley. It’s reported that four people have been arrested.

Friday’s attack took place precisely in an area of Bamyan historically punished by the Taliban regime.

The group of six citizens were part of a larger group of about fifteen tourists, three of whom have died – as well as one local, – two more have been unharmed, and another was injured, underwent surgery, and is in critical but conscious condition.

A tragedy that “could happen”

Albares recalled that the Spanish government advises against traveling anywhere in the country due to the risk of attack or kidnapping. “It was clear that this could happen,” the minister added.

He stated that “there are no safe zones” in the country and that it was foreseen that it could happen.

“There is no justification, it is barbaric to shoot at citizens and it has impacted me enormously, but anywhere in Afghanistan this risk exists and, for this reason, we advise against going there,” he explained.

The minister adds that, from the first-hand account offered to authorities, it seems that it was an “indiscriminate” attack. “In Afghanistan, this kind of situation happens very often when there are Western citizens.”

The Spanish embassy in the country was closed since the Taliban returned to power and, in a “discreet” way, they are still repatriating collaborators. Diplomatic personnel are moving to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Doha.

At the same time, the minister assures that “we neither recognize nor will they recognize” the Taliban regime for a repeated violation of human rights, especially women’s, but they maintain contact with the de facto government.

No other Catalans in tour group

The Catalan government has expressed its “dismay” at the fatalities and has publicly conveyed its condolences to the families who are going through a “painful and difficult” moment.

Catalonia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Meritxell Serret, told the Catalan News Agency that they are not aware, for now, of any other Catalans in the tour group. 

Serret added that the tourists were in the country on a trip organized by an agency. It is unknown how many people made up the group.

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