US recognises Chabahar’s key role in Afghanistan: MEA – The Times of India

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NEW DELHI: The US has shown an understanding of the importance of the Chabahar Port operations for continued humanitarian supplies to Afghanistan and to provide Afghanistan with economic alternatives, govt said Friday.
The US had earlier this week, after India signed a long-term contract with Iran for development of the port, reminded India of potential risks from sanctions.
“I would like to reiterate what EAM (Jaishankar) had earlier said that we should not take a narrow view of this issue. The project will benefit the entire region, particularly landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia. The US has in the recent past appreciated the larger relevance of the Chabahar project, particularly in the context of humanitarian supplies to Afghanistan,” said foreign ministry spokesman Randhir Jaiswal.
The official said India’s commitment towards the Chabahar Port is to realise its potential as a connectivity hub for Afghanistan, and Central Asian countries, which are landlocked. The Indian company, India Ports Global Limited, has beenoperating the port since 2018 on an interim lease.
“Now, we have concluded a long-term agreement which is essential for port operation. Since then, we have provided humanitarian assistance including 85,000 metric tonnes of wheat, 200 metric tonnes of pulses and 40,000 litres of pesticide Malathion, to Afghanistan through this port,” he said.

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