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Written By: Hakim Bigzaad

Nuruddin Azizi, the acting Minister of Industry and Commerce of the caretaker government, recently led a delegation including 15 female traders to Ashgabat to attend the first Turkmen-Afghan Trade Forum in Ashgabat.

The delegation from the Taliban officials left for Turkmenistan on Friday to participate in the conference and showcase Afghan goods and products, with 15 female traders among them.

What sets this official trip of the Taliban apart is the presence of women. It’s the first time female traders are traveling on an official economic trip outside Afghanistan as part of the Taliban delegation.

In a video message, Mr. Azizi stated, “The inclusion of women was still necessary, and now 15 women are with us along with their male counterparts, representing fifteen companies.”

Mr. Azizi added that they aim to witness the enhancement of women’s capacity in the trade sector.

Meanwhile, at a press conference held in Ashgabat, women advocated for the establishment of a trade corridor for Afghan women at the regional level.

It’s worth mentioning that after the re-establishment of the Taliban regime, several exhibitions for female traders were held in Kabul, with over 2,000 female traders participating. The latest was the “Khadija Al-Kubra International Exhibition,” which lasted for more than six days.

Tomorrow, on Monday, March 4th, the Afghan-Turkmen Trade Communication Session and the exhibition of Afghan products are scheduled to take place in Ashgabat.

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