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Afghanistan reduced the business tax rate from 0.5% to 0.3%, announced by senior officials of the Islamic Emirate in a meeting on “exemption and reduction of the fixed tax.” This decision aims to support businesses, with the new tax rate applying to businesses with annual sales up to AFN 2 mn ($27,866), exempting them from taxation. For businesses with sales exceeding this threshold, a 0.3% tax will be applied to the portion exceeding $27,866.

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Deputy Prime Minister for Administrative Affairs Abdul Salam Hanafi emphasized the importance of tax collectors handling businesses according to principles. He warned that failure to do so and poor handling of complaints could lead to dismissal.

Acting ministers of Economy and Industry and Commerce highlighted the economic significance of tax relief for businesses. They noted that this measure was taken due to the absence of foreign aid to support the national budget.

Officials of the Islamic Emirate mentioned that over the past three years, the leader of the Islamic Emirate aimed to provide necessary facilities for shopkeepers and businessmen. They emphasized that these actions are practical and meet the current situation’s needs.

The Ministry of Finance urged all businesses to pay their taxes on time and cooperate with the ministry. This call comes as 206 types of businesses, including shopkeepers and tradespeople, are active nationwide.

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