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Today, the capital hosted the opening of the exhibition of Afghan goods and the business forum of business circles of the two countries.

A large delegation of representatives of state institutions of Afghanistan, heads and experts from more than 230 companies and firms interested in further development of fruitful cooperation with our country arrived in Ashgabat for participation in the events.

A considerable part of exhibitors – companies presenting their capabilities in Turkmenistan for the first time, many of which are well aware of the multifaceted economic potential of our country and are aimed at expanding partnership.

In the Era of Revival of the New Epoch of the Powerful State, consistently realising the policy of diversification and modernisation of national economy on the basis of attraction of the latest technologies and scientific solutions, our fatherland actively strengthens international cooperation with all countries of the globe. At that, a special importance is given to the strengthening of fruitful relations with neighbouring countries, including with Afghanistan, with people of which we are united by centuries-old traditions of friendship and historical and cultural commonalities.

The strengthening of established fruitful interaction is promoted in many respects by working visits of delegations of our countries at different levels as well as consultations and negotiations.

Turkmenistan, certainly, is interested in political and economic stability of Afghanistan, well-being and unity of the brotherly neighbouring people. The invariable position of our country is expressed in rendering real help – delivery of electric power and liquefied gas at reduced price, construction of social projects and professional training.

As President Serdar Berdimuhamedov repeatedly underlined, the Turkmen state will further take concrete steps aimed at restoration of the Afghan economy and social infrastructure. Creative initiatives, made by Turkmenistan at sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization and at other large international forums, which obtained a close support of the world community, can attest to this fact.

In particular, it concerns construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline. Realisation of this large-scale energy project will promote directly development of the Afghan economy, attraction of investments, solution of priority social problems, including creation of new workplaces.

An important vector of Turkmen-Afghan cooperation is the electric power industry sphere. It is remarkable that along the TAPI gas pipeline the power transmission line Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan (TAP) is also laid. Besides power supply of all infrastructural objects of the given project, the power transmission line will provide an opportunity to export electric power to Pakistan and other countries of South Asia through Afghanistan.

A high potential for effective interstate interaction is also available in the transport-communication sphere that is dictated by the geographical position of our states.

… In the explosion centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry a live festive atmosphere reigns, national melodies performed by bagshy –musicians sound.


In the solemn ceremony of the opening of the exhibition, members of the government, heads of ministries and departments, public organisations, representatives of diplomatic missions and international mission accredited to our country, businesspersons and mass media took part.

Acting Minister of Industry and Trade of Afghanistan Alhaj Nuruddin Azizi who  expressed his gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov and National Leader of the Turkmen people, Hero-Arkadag for active support of Turkmen-Afghan cooperation as well as his personal contribution to consolidation of peace and stability in the region, strengthening of fruitful interaction and friendship of people of two states, delivered his welcoming speech to participants and visitors of the ceremony.  

As the head of the Afghan delegation underlined, organization of the present large-scale review and business forum will stimulate development of relations between our countries; promote achievement of a new level in expansion of mutually beneficial partnership, successful realisation of joint projects in trade and economic spheres.

Visitors can familiarise with the exposition in various thematic areas. There one can see carpets, jewels, construction goods, household items and industrial chemistry, vegetables and fruit, foodstuff and others. 

Dynamics of development of trade spheres of Afghanistan found reflexion in demonstration of video clips as well as in publishing materials – colourful booklets, brochures, magazines. Along with it, representatives of the companies at stands competently tell visitors of their interesting goods, enterprise plans for development.

The most part of the exposition was occupied with numerous stands and pavilions of trade sphere. Among them – trading companies “Farzad Osman”, “Fari Afghan”,”Sistan Fahim Ltd”,”Asia Aria Ltd”, “Rah Now”,”Monib Menhaj Noori” as well as companies engaged in manufacture of foodstuff “Zafarani Insaf Ahmadi”, dried fruits “Sadeqa”, processing of fruit and vegetables “Omaid Bahar” and “TahaHaidari”, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan, Afghan Raisin Export Promotion Administration.

In a wide assortment production of the companies engaged in manufacture of foodstuff – “Ziabi Rashid”, “Golestan Arghavan”, “Shahd Shamal”, “Murtaza Hashimi”, tomato pastes – “Heart Golchin”, beverages – “Super Cola”  is presented, etc.

There one could see counters, show-windows with various production of Afghan food-processing industry dazzling with fresh vegetables and fruit.

Visitors to the exhibition also enjoyed teas with saffron and other spices of the East, dried fruits, various sweets and drinks.

The stand of textile products allowed to not only present more widely possibility of Afghan manufacturers, open variety and specification of production manufactured by them, but also to create conditions for adjustment of direct contacts with Turkmen partners.

Companies “Aria Omelbelad”, “Khalaj Amani Ltd”, “Khal Mohammadi Ltd”, “Sabir Muradi”, “Imran Nasimzada Trading” and many others displayed various carpets and original oriental carpet products of rich colours. As specialists told, bright patterns of wool carpets do not fade and do not grow dull, paints are made of natural components.

The interest of visitors of the exhibition was evoked by the pavilions devoted to national crafts, arts and crafts, including ceramics, art glass, stamping, woodcarving and the incrustations presented by state companies on development of crafts as well as private entities.

The attention of visitors was drawn with products of thin and skilful work – graceful vases, dishes, the panels decorated with unique mosaic and paining in the national style, souvenir products and many other things that narrates about the richest heritage and original creative traditions of Afghan people.

Stands of the companies and firms, which are, engaged in construction and manufacture of building materials, also attracted many people. Among them are “Etemad Akhondzada”, “Shadap Zafari Construction”, “Ehsan Gheyase”, “Salah Zada”, “Sang Sazan e Mermer” and many others.

Achievements in the industrial segment show also the enterprises for plastic manufacture “Tawan Asi” and “JahanNaz”, glasses and wood “Ishaq Pirozi”, steel foundries “Khan”, “Maisam”, “Zai Sayedi”, the steel manufacturing companies “Meli”, “Milat” and “Faqiri”, the Union of Steel Foundries of Afghanistan, the melting and manufacturing company “Ilham Ehsam”, stone mining company “Afghan Morvarid”, metal works “Sadat Hofiani”.

“Bakhtar Ethad Petroleum”, “Soha Safa Petroleum”, “Arman Ltd”, “Yousif Ehsan Sharq Petroleum”, “Salaiman Khil Group Ltd”, “Napco DMCC”, “Mehran Wafa”, “Harmoni Energy Ltd”, “Afghan Petrol Group Ltd”, “Khafi Petrolum Ltd”, which were presented by breadboard models and design developments of enterprises as well as product samples of oil and gas processing were among the companies specialising in the oil and gas sphere.

Firms “Hedayat Hussain Agriculture”, “Barakat Aslami Zarati aw Maldari”, “Al-Rehed” offer services in development of complex projects in agriculture. 

The stands devoted to spheres of transport and logistics drew special attention. So, the company “Kam Air Airways” offers the services in the field of aircraft, “Etefaq Mohammadi” and “Basir Nasir Logistic” in logistics, “Gunai Turkistan International Transport” in cargo transportation.

Medical clinics “Chashm-e-Roshan”, “Osmani Eye Clinic”, a medical complex “Star”, pharmaceutical factory “Moon Bright Pharmaceutical Factory” also display their achievements and possibilities.

The sphere of science and education also found its reflexion in the exposition. Stands familiarize visitors with the activity and achievements of the Khorosan University of Afghanistan, Institute of finance and business of Barjastan.

The pavilion devoted to modern printing industry and printing also evoked an interest of visitors. There the services offer printing centres “Ahmad” and “Danish”, printing companies “Mobarak” and “Baheer”.

The exhibition also acquaints with activity of Afghan banks, in the list of which are “Аzizi Bank”, “Ghazanfar Bank”, “Afghan United Bank”, Afghanistan International Bank.

Demonstration sites of the exposition will also serve as a venue of business meetings and negotiations aimed at further intensification of Turkmen-Afghan cooperation, adjustment of new mutually beneficial contacts.

… Today on the sidelines of the explosion in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Turkmen-Afghan business forum took place. The agenda of the forum included a wide range of the issues connected with realisation of trade and economic, export and investment potential of the two countries.

Opening the meeting, its participants noted the importance of this action in the context of further development of fruitful relations. As was underlined, similar business contacts prove as the most effective mechanism of advancement of economic interaction and an increasing volume of goods turnover between our countries also attests to this fact.

In speeches of the Turkmen side, speakers told of the economic growth and achievements of independent neutral Turkmenistan, future vectors of cooperation taking into account priorities of state development.

The high potential of economy of Turkmenistan, which allows consistently and purposefully to put into practice large scale reforms in oil and gas, transport, building, chemical, energy and other branches of economy as well as in the social sphere, was marked.

Having discussed prospects of development of traditional partnership, participants highly appreciated the fact that based upon the positive experience of bilateral relations, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan use all available possibilities for enhancement of cooperation in a wide spectrum of areas.

During the meeting it was underlined that Afghanistan attaches special significance to relations with Turkmenistan, which are an indicative example of good-neighbourhood interaction and are equitable to interests of peace, security and well-being of not only two countries, but also of the wider measurement.

The Afghan delegation expressed sincere gratitude to President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the hospitality shown on the Turkmen land. As was marked, Turkmenistan renders consecutive assistance to social and economic revival of Afghanistan, including construction of a number of social projects. Having underlined that the international projects realised under the initiative of the Turkmen side promote establishment of peace in the region, participants of the business forum expressed confidence that the agreements reached today will promote intensification of trade and economic relations.

Necessity of expansion of cooperation between businessmen of our countries, organization of joint exhibitions of commodity producers, economic forums and other actions was also stated.

More concrete discussion of joint projects and future areas of interaction took place during bilateral meetings of representatives of profile ministries and departments, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan with the Afghan colleagues. The signing of various documents is expected following their results.

Today, on the margins of the exhibition of Afghan goods and business forum, the meeting of women-businessmen of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan took place and positions on development of cooperation and further strengthening of mutually beneficial business partnership were agreed in it.

Tomorrow, within the framework of the exposition, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan plans to hold outdoor auctions with participation of local and Afghan businesspersons.

The exhibition of Afghan goods will last up to March 6 inclusive.

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