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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2024)

The administrative deputy prime minister of Afghanistan has called on the international community to officially recognize the Islamic Emirate.

Abdulsalam Hanafi said Afghanistan’s diplomatic relations will expand this year and that some countries have shown interest in resuming relations.

Hanafi meanwhile denied the presence of armed groups in the country and said in the past three years, Afghans played no role in security incidents in the country but that citizens of some neighboring countries were involved.

In an interview with Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA), Hanafi, asked the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate and give Afghanistan the right to be an official member of the international community.

“Afghanistan people live in security, everyone’s rights are guaranteed. Therefore, the international community should recognize Afghanistan, the inalienable rights of Afghanistan should be given to the Afghan government, this is the right of the Afghan people, and it is a national and international right,” said Hanafi.

Regarding claims about the presence of armed groups in the country, he said every village in Afghanistan is ruled by the IEA and that no armed groups are active and engaged in military activities.

According to him, border security has been stepped up and numerous security mechanisms have been implemented.

He also mentioned the attacks and security incidents that have taken place in the last three years and said Afghans were not involved, but that the citizens of some neighboring countries were involved.

Hanafi said: “In some incidents that happened in the last three years, brothers were targeted, or explosions occurred in mosques, or some anti-security incident took place in public places. Investigations have shown that they were not Afghans, and some citizens of neighboring countries are involved.”

Hanafi called the fight against narcotics and administrative corruption the biggest achievement of the Islamic Emirate and stated that the national budget is also covered by domestic revenue, while in the past 70 percent of the budget was provided by foreigners.

According to him, the Islamic Emirate works in a transparent, professional and specialized manner for mining.

“You know that Afghanistan has many mineral resources and there are various mines in the country. With the provision of security, the mining work has started, transparency is important to us, we will not allow anyone to take the mine by force and extract it for themselves, there is no duty of respect for the irresponsible, and everyone is equal and accountable according to the law,” said Hanafi.

He also stated the general amnesty of August 2021 prevented revenge, because according to him, during negotiations, foreigners repeatedly told them that if the Islamic Emirate wins, there will be bloodshed in Afghanistan, but this did not happen and all were pardoned.

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