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TEHRAN –The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has sent the second shipment of humanitarian aid to flood-affected people in Afghanistan.

It includes biological items such as medicines, foodstuff, blankets, tents, and other things, Tasnim News Agency reported.

On May 10, devastating floods and torrents of water swept through multiple cities and villages in northern Afghanistan.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that at least 8,696 families have been affected by recent floods in the provinces of Baghlan, Badakhshan, and Takhar.

OCHA revealed that nearly 350 people have died in these floods while over 1,651 others have been injured.

Floods in the northern region have affected 1,870 houses, with 84 reported deaths, 5 injuries, and approximately 40 individuals still missing.

In the western region, floods have affected 6,000 houses, resulting in 5 fatalities and over 100 injuries.

On May 23, the IRCS  sent the first consignment of relief items to flood victims in Afghanistan.

The first plane carrying humanitarian cargo to those affected by the recent flood in Afghanistan landed in Mazar-e-Sharif, IRCS website quoted Razieh Alishvandi, the IRCS director for international affairs, as saying.

The donated goods included tents, blankets, and foodstuff.

Afghanistan commends Iran’s aid

In a tweet on May 13, Rahmatullah Faizan, the deputy representative of the Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Herat, lauded Iran’s swift response following natural disasters in Afghanistan.

Faizan highlighted Iran’s immediate assistance and deployment of rescue teams to Herat following the earthquake.

He also noted Tehran’s support in the aftermath of flooding in northern Afghanistan.

Expressing optimism, Faizan voiced hope for the continued strengthening of friendly relations between Tehran and Kabul.

On May 12, Iran extended its heartfelt condolences to Afghanistan following the devastating flash floods that have swept through the country’s northern areas.

In a statement issued by Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani, Iran expressed profound sadness over the natural disaster, which has claimed the lives of at least 300 Afghans and displaced thousands more in recent days.

According to Afghanistan’s defense ministry, emergency personnel had been deployed to the affected areas and were rushed to rescue injured and stranded people.

Iran’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan also announced that Iran is prepared to send relief forces, medical teams, and essential aid supplies requested by Afghan authorities.

Hassan Kazemi-Qomi shared on his personal social media account: “The recent floods in northern Afghanistan, which resulted in the loss of many lives, have deeply saddened me. While expressing solidarity with the Afghan people, Iran stands ready to send relief forces, medical teams, and necessary aid supplies, which are sincere gifts from the Iranian people to the people of Afghanistan. These will be delivered through organizations like the Red Crescent and the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee to the affected regions as swiftly as possible.”

He added that It’s important that transparent procedures are in place for accepting humanitarian assistance to ensure fairness. The challenging decision-making process, highlighted by the life-saving efforts during the Herat earthquake, underscores the need for coordinated and transparent approaches in crisis response.”

The World Food Program has reported that over 1,000 houses have been destroyed, leaving countless families homeless and vulnerable. The toll on human life and infrastructure continues to rise as emergency responders struggle to reach remote and inaccessible areas.


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