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This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the migration trends involving Afghan returnees from Pakistan. The assessment was conducted from January to December 2023 and employs the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) methodology across several Border Crossing Points (BCPs) to analyze migration trends of Afghan returnees from Pakistan. IOM collected data from 23,860 household heads, representing 558,212 Afghan nationals.

The report highlights the significant increase in the number of returnees following the enactment of Pakistan’s “Illegal Foreigners’ Repatriation Plan (IFRP),” which led to a marked spike in migrations during the fourth quarter of 2023. It also details the demographics and vulnerabilities of the returnees, showing that a substantial number are undocumented or hold invalid documentation.

Additionally, the report examines the socio-economic impacts on the returnees, such as changes in their source of income and types of residence before and after their return. It further notes the challenges returnees anticipate in Afghanistan, including finding employment, securing shelter, and reintegrating into society.

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