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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Kraft Heinz says it won’t be able to sell many of its products in New York under a state bill that would cut plastic waste. The company, which has a plant in Lowville, says the proposal, as written, would mean job loss:

New York is good at killing businesses.

Jeff Cronk Jr

So basically Kraft is telling us that they lack the collective intelligence to figure out alternative packaging?

Jeanette Nichols Rabideau

Governor Kathy Hochul says she’s interested in introducing a bill that would ban students from carrying smartphones in public schools. She says she’s open to allowing flip phones without any internet access:

Great idea. They’ll spend more time paying attention in class

Suzanne Sabin

How about we let parents monitor this instead of the school districts? Let’s pretend I know my kid better than you.

Mike Sforza

Does anyone really believe that non-smartphones aren’t a distraction if a student doesn’t want to put them down?

Kate Mehallow

North Country Pet Adoption Services brought 14 dogs from Kabul, Afghanistan, to Lewis County so they can find forever homes:

Animal shelters are full of local animals that need adoption without bringing them in from other places or countries!

Peter Deshane

Shouldn’t matter where they come from. They need a family to love on them and care for them.

Debbie Smith

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