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Ashgabat hosted an exhibition of Afghan products and a joint business forum for Afghan and Turkmen business communities on Monday.

Media outlets in Turkmenistan reported that a delegation, including Taliban representatives, company managers, and specialists, arrived in Ashgabat to participate in the events.

A significant number of the exhibitors are companies showcasing their capabilities in Turkmenistan for the first time, with many aiming to broaden their partnerships.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Mines stated that Afghan products are being showcased in 85 stalls, highlighting the presence of female entrepreneurs at the exhibition.

Afghanistan’s private companies displayed their products in 18 fields.

Abdul Nasir Rishtia, a participant and head of Afghanistan’s iron smelting union, said the exhibition aims to facilitate proper markets for Afghan products abroad.

“The main goal of the exhibition is to find a good market for Afghanistan’s products outside the country. We will try to attract the investment of Turkmen traders,” he said.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Mines revealed that Afghan female entrepreneurs showcased their products in 15 stalls.

“It is an opportunity to improve trade between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, particularly for the marketing of the country’s goods… in this exhibition, there are 15 stalls,” said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, deputy head of the chamber.

Participants described the exhibition as effective for improving markets for Afghanistan’s products.

“A few Afghan traders and industrial owners have traveled for the first time to Turkmenistan. The exhibition will be important for the improvement of domestic products, and I hope the traders make good achievements at the meetings here,” said Qazizda, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Herat.

The Taliban’s minister of industry and commerce left Kabul two days ago for Turkmenistan to attend the business forum in Ashgabat. Traders from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan will hold various meetings on the sideline of the business forum to discuss business development between the two countries.


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