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Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce Nooruddin Azizi said that Afghanistan can become an industrial country. 

Speaking at an Afghan-Turkmen trade business connection meeting, Nooruddin Azizi emphasized the development of Afghanistan-Turkmenistan economic and trade cooperation. 
Besides the Afghan-Turkmen trade business connection meeting, the exhibition of Afghan products in the presence of some economic officials of Turkmenistan was also opened in Ashgabat. 

“The foreign policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is independent, balanced, and economic, based on a regional economic and commercial convergence,” said Nooruddin Azizi. 

“The volume of trade between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan in 2023 was $457 million and reached $46 million only in January this year. The important export items of Turkmenistan to Afghanistan are oil, gas, and textiles. Afghanistan’s imports from this country have increased significantly,” said the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan, Gurdov Mergen Meretdurdyevich.

After economic officials visited the domestic products of Afghanistan in the exhibition, the acting minister of Industry and Commerce, the deputy of the ministers’ council, Rashid Muradov, and some other officials in the Afghan-Turkmen trade business connection meeting emphasized the business and trade cooperation between the two countries.

“Currently, there are real and practical opportunities for investment in the mining, industry, agriculture, trade, energy, and services sectors in Afghanistan; and again, we ask the investors of the friendly country of Turkmenistan to invest in Afghanistan in their desired sectors,” said Nooruddin Azizi.

Meanwhile, officials in the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, referring to the development of trade relations, said the implementation of TAPI, railway, and energy projects will be beneficial to the economy of Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

“The TAPI project is a very important project for both Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, as is the discussion of Afghanistan’s railway with Turkmenistan and also the more important issue that Turkmenistan has the capacity to export electricity,” said Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, the deputy of the Chamber of Mines and Industries.
The exhibition of Afghan products in Turkmenistan will last for three days and its purpose is to market Afghan products in Turkmenistan. 

15 booths in the exhibition are dedicated to Afghan women who have displayed their handicrafts and products.

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